The Best School Photo Package for you

Kids grow up fast, don’t they? And then these grown-ups are grateful for the memories you were able to confine into the beautifully taken portraits.

The school photos are one such treasured tradition that makes the parents feel nostalgic until they see the price points. Don’t let these expensive school photo packages stop your kid from taking part in that “Picture Day.” When they grow up, they deserve to look through old class school photos and realize that they were once part of something so special.

This article is a fortunate calling for the people living in Rayleigh, Southend Basildon Essex, to get free-of-cost school photo packages in their vicinity.

School Portraits that Don’t Cost you “Anything”!

How many parents out there feel helpless to find inexpensive alternatives to pricey school photo packages? Guess what. We have got something even better!

We are a local school photography company that is currently offering school photo packages for free. You can have multiple school photos at our pop-up studios near you throughout the year.

One-Stop Solution for all the Occasions

Whether it is Halloween, Christmas, or Easter, we have got you covered with a one-stop solution for all occasions. Take multiple photos in different outfits, not just in school uniform. We at Go Green Photography are helping families take their child’s school portrait without any financial and emotional expense.

The cherry on top is that the photos taken get instantly uploaded to the parents’ phone app for free, and the parents have full control over the pictures they have.

Get the Siblings in One Frame without any Additional Cost

Costs of portraits quickly add up for parents with more than one child in school. But let’s bring you good news. This will not be the case here. You can get the siblings in one frame without being forced to pay extortionate prices separately.

Don’t Pay for Expensive Prints

It is finally time when you don’t have to choose the bare-minimum entry package in order to get a class picture when you can buy much more beautiful prints for free.


This is an eco-friendly alternative to your school photo packages. By connecting with us, you can save millions and millions of pieces of paper and plastic coverings that are otherwise sent out to millions of schoolchildren every year. People are programmed to buy those pictures because that’s just what everyone does.

Environment-conscious parents question it, though. Thus, we are adopting a unique process to deliver your portraits while going green.

Fast and efficient

Your photos are uploaded “the same day” to your phone app for free. We live in a digital age where high-quality portraits are and should be affordable. You deserve to get the photo-shoot of your kids done without having to worry about the costs involved in it.

So, what are you waiting for? Cut your costs, own the copyright and save the environment with the fast and efficient school photo packages from Go Green Photography.