What Makes a Good School Photo?

First-day-of-school and yearbook photographs hold some bitter-sweet nostalgic feelings. When we look at these photographs some years down the lane, they take us back to fun class activities, field trips, and endless laughs shared with friends.

But, when school photo packages go pretty hard on your pocket, getting your kids’ pictures taken and developed is a task. If you are contemplating this precious activity because of not finding a reliable photographer or school photo prices are stopping you, we have got you covered. Once you understand what makes a good school photo, you can rightly select a photographer and complete this task on time.

Here are the primary factors that make a good school photo, regardless of the occasion and your kid’s age:

Planning the Look

Your kids can not show up haphazardly for their yearbook photos – you must plan their look. Start with selecting a dress that will boost your little one’s confidence and make them feel important. Then decide on your kid’s hairstyle, accessories, and appearance. They should appear in front of the camera with a fresh face and confident personality for amazing school photographs.

If you want your kid’s photographs taken in multiple outfits, Go Green Photography is your best bid. We offer multiple photographs taken for kids’ yearbooks or other school photo albums, ensuring you don’t have to repeat this process. Since we emphasize these photographs’ quality, you won’t have to worry about the young ones looking lost or rough for this important event.

Smiling Naturally

When kids are forced to smile, the pictures come out fake and awkward. Therefore, we offer such school photo packages where the children feel comfortable and smile naturally. But if you are concerned that your kid might not smile for the camera, ask them to practice the “picture smile” a few times at home. Happy photos are the best photos – make sure your kid is in a good mood for this lifelong memory.

Keeping Things Neat

Over-accessorizing a look doesn’t turn out good for photographs. Keep things neat, and let your kid’s confidence shine through these pictures. We recommend selecting darker colours for clothes because they look better in photos when compared to light or bright tones. Similarly, wearing sequined or patterned shirts can draw the attention away from the student’s face; we vote against it.

Go Green has some amazing school photo packages to make this phase easier for parents and students. Don’t shy away from asking for suggestions because we love to beautify these precious pictures.

Angles Should be Perfect

If your kid wears spectacles, the camera’s glare can impact a photograph. Similarly, sitting in a dimly lit photo booth will affect the final shots. The camera angles should align with your child’s sitting position, and there should be no glare/reflection on their face. Don’t think twice before approaching Go Green photography because insane school photo prices are out of the question here.

Last-minute Touch-Up

If you have had a bad experience with other photography services, Go Green school photo packages are the answer. Last-minute touch-ups and fixing the student’s appearance can make all the difference. Go Green photographers don’t randomly click a picture; we ensure everything is spick and span before doing so.

A Few Retakes Won’t Hurt

Since our free school photo packages are tailored to meet all parents’ requirements, you can ask for multiple retakes if you’re unhappy with the results. Once you’re sure that everything in your kid’s school photograph is perfect, we’ll call it a day only then.

Go Green, be efficient. Gone are the days when you had to pay for expensive prints and school photo prices to freeze your kid’s special moments. Today, you can avail impressive photography services for free with Go Green Photography.

We understand the importance of these photographs and ensure you are happy with their quality. So, don’t burden the environment and your pocket because Go Green photography is right around the corner.