Turning Professional School Photography into Digital

School photography is a memorable event in most students’ lives. They love to celebrate the start of a new life, the activities they experience on this journey, and completing this milestone by freezing those happy moments. If you want to ensure your kid looks back at their school days happily, prepare their photo albums that they can scroll through later.

But, when we talk about environment conservation so passionately, isn’t developing millions of photographs each year a waste of resources? Creating photo albums requires paper, ink, developing chemicals, and binding materials, which isn’t practical.

So, what’s the solution then? How can you be environmentally conscious and do school photography at the same time? Digital photography is the answer here! You can save your kid’s happy memories while remaining an eco-friendly citizen by turning professional school photography into digital.

Read on to know more about digital school photography and its benefits!

How will Digitization change School Photography?

Many parents find it odd not to develop their kids’ school photo albums because it’s a norm globally. But fret not because digital photography is equally good. Here are the primary advantages of going digital with school photography:

Eco-friendly Photographs and Processing

Paper, ink, chemicals, frames, albums – a lot goes into developing school photo albums. But when you let digital photography take the lead, you won’t need any of these materials. Simply visit a Go Green school photography booth, get your child’s pictures clicked, and have these pictures on your app the same day. Digital photography saves you from a lot of hassle along with keeping things eco-friendly.

Quick Turn-Around Time

Go Green school photography service provides a quick turn-around time; you won’t have to wait for weeks to get a photo album. Once you’re happy with the photographs, we’ll upload them to your Go Green app the same day. You’ll have all rights on these unwatermarked and high-quality photographs. You can share these pictures or save them on another device as per your preference. And if you decide to print these photographs, you’re free to do so; Go Green photographs are suitable for all mediums.

Complete Access to the Photo Albums

Digital photography doesn’t limit your access to these precious memories; it simply makes things more eco-friendly. Since Go Green photography can take multiple pictures of your kid in different outfits and with different backgrounds, the final collection will truly be a bundle of happiness. Once we upload these pictures on the app, you can log in and use them as you please.

No Cost, No Environmental Concerns

Go Green school photography packages are free and efficient. No more waiting for weeks and paying hefty amounts to develop school photographs. Visit our photo booth, bring along as many outfits as you like for your kid, and get the pictures clicked by professional photographers. We wrap a shoot up once you’re happy with the clicks, so there’s practically no downside of going digital for school photography.

Go Green photography is the best place for school photography because we have professional photographers and high-end equipment in our arsenal. So, no more burdening the environment by printing millions of pictures each year; Go Green, save greenery.