Environment-Friendly Photography

Pay for Individual Portrait, Get Group Photograph for Free

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Are you new to Rayleigh Southend Basildon, Essex? Struggling to find the right photographer to capture your child’s moments perfectly?

Well, we got the perfect, eco-friendly solution just for you!

Individual Professional School Photography

Many companies are providing individual professional school photography services at the present. The problem arises when you have to choose one company. Usually, group photos are charged for separately. Plus, photographers take only one picture and there are no re-takes so you have to just take it or leave. Sometimes there is no choice of having kids from different schools so friends or siblings can’t go for group photography.

There is one brand though, that not only takes care of all this but also provides you with much more.

The Eco-Friendly Solution: Go Green

Go Green has been created on the concept of the green alternative to school photography. Instead of printing pictures and wasting huge amount of paper, ink, and plastic, every year, how would you feel if you could make the industry less damaging to the environment? Yes, that’s right. By capturing photographs and transferring digital images to your phones, an eco-friendlier solution can be created.

Besides, it’s the era of social media and the digital version is used the most anyway.

What’s More: Go Green is providing different themed backgrounds for photography, with same-day access to all photos. The parents have full control over the pictures they have and don’t need to pay for pictures of siblings together. Since it is all digital, you don’t have to pay for expensive prints.

Is Go Green Available Near Me?

Yes, Go Green is a local school photography company. As mentioned above, we are offering photography service at present for free! That’s right, you only have to pay per child to have their individual portrait photo taken. We allow the group photo of up to 4 children for no extra charge. All the pictures are uploaded the same day to the parents’ phone app for free. Best part? We don’t charge for prints!

How It Works:

    1. Go to https://gogreenphotography.com and book your slot.
    1. Turn up at the location in your uniform.
    1. Have the pictures taken.

You can have multiple photos taken, in different outfits, not only school uniforms.

Wrap Up

Your memories are precious and capturing the experience is everything. But should we continue it at the cost of environmental damage? Especially when you are not entirely happy with the finished picture, and are forced to pay whatever rate the photography company chooses. This cannot continue.

Go Green was built as a solution to the immense plastic and paper packet wastage that occurs every year for school photography. Our eco-friendly service for school photography focuses on just one point; capturing your experience perfectly. You want multiple photos? Have them. Want a different background? We have got you covered. Same day photo access? You bet we provide that!

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today and experience fast, efficient, environment-friendly photography.