Not Happy with the Outcome of Your School Photo?

Picture day is one of the most memorable days of your child’s school life. It is full of excitement, shyness, distress, and amusement – as it should be – because you are about to have an irreplaceable memory of your child captured.

We all have an ideal image in mind on how the picture would turn out but … what if your selected school photography company messes it up?

There are some dos and don’ts that you can take care of when preparing for the picture day. Let’s discuss:

Dos and Don’ts of School Photo Day

    • Do Wear the Right Outfit: What is your child wearing on the picture day? Wool sweaters look adorable, but your child will turn hot and itchy in just a little while. So, keep comfort as the top priority and make sure you choose comfortable clothing for your kid on picture day.
    • Don’t Stress Out: The anxiety of picture day is natural but don’t channel it onto your child. It is best to relax and embrace the day as it comes.
    • Do Family Photography: When choosing the school photography company, make sure they capture group pictures. Because with some companies, you can’t have photos of friends or siblings together if they are from different schools.
    • Don’t Go for Expensive Prints: It is time for you to be responsible and go for eco-friendly photography. Instead of getting expensive prints, search for a company that offers digital services.
    • Do Retakes: Sometimes, the first click is not right, so you need to have it recaptured. Unfortunately, most companies offer single shots only. You have to look for a service provider that captures multiple photos until you are satisfied.
    • Don’t Compromise on Empathy: School photographers often don’t ensure that the child is looking pristine before taking the picture. So, no thought or care goes into the picture. Make sure the company you choose takes care of this.

Fool-Proof Method to Get the Best Photos

Hello Essex residents,

Your child’s picture day is extremely precious, so it is time to search for the best school photography company in your area. Let us introduce you to the fool-proof solution to get the best school day photos: Go Green Photography.

Go Green is a local school photography company that is offering photo service at present for free. It not only ticks all the above do’s but also provides you same-day access to all photos! You can never be sure about the perfect click, so our company offers multiple shots until you find the picture you are satisfied with.

Is that all? No, we have different themed backgrounds to have a picture with Halloween or Easter themes; and oh, group pictures are also available. Most importantly, as parents, you have full control over the pictures that are taken.

Wrapping it Up

When it comes to picture day, you want the best shot for your kid. Let’s not compromise on the perfect picture while also taking care of the environment. Go Green is here to have your day captured perfectly and efficiently. Go Green, Enjoy the Day.