What Makes Go Green, your Local School Photography Company, Different?

From highly-equipped photo studios to fully-booked photographers, the people of Essex have tons of choices in this forte. You can approach any photography company to get your kid’s pictures taken and call it a day. Then why should you give Go Green photography a thought? What makes us your local school photography company that you can rely on? Is it the go green concept, our skills, or the equipment we use?

If you’re processing similar questions about Go Green photography and need straightforward answers, we got you. Today, we’ll break it down for you and explain everything that sets us apart from other companies. So, let’s dive deeper and know what makes us your go-to school photography company.

Eco-Friendly Photographs

As our name indicates, environment conservation is our primary objective. We want to play a positive role in conserving earth resources along with capturing your happy moments. Since school photographs are an important part of students’ lives, every parent wants to acquire the best service for this.

Therefore, Go Green is here with its digital photography packages. No more paper, chemicals, dyes, and inks needed – you can get amazing school photographs clicked digitally. We are a responsible school photography company that acknowledges the importance of nature conservation. Hence, our professional photography services are here for you.

Friendly and Accommodating Service

Offering free services doesn’t mean we won’t accommodate your wishes. Instead, Go Green photography brings the best services to the table, ensuring the kids enjoy their picture day. You can bring multiple outfits along and add variety to your kid’s photo album. And since we have different themed backdrops, you can get done with a colourful photo album right away.

Dealing with Go Green photography company means you’re the one giving final approvals. We offer siblings and friends group photos to add more character to your kid’s album. We don’t just click a picture – we ensure your kid’s dress, look, lighting, and focus are pristine before pressing the button. You’ll surely like Go Green’s friendly team and high-end equipment. You don’t have to pre-book an expensive photographer or pay for photo prints; everything is digital here.

Free Access to High-Quality Photos

After we click your kid’s pictures and you okay them, we’ll upload them to the Go Green app the same day. You can install the Go Green app on your smart device, sign up, and access your photographs right away. These pictures will be unwatermarked, high-quality, and shareable. You can now decide to print or save these pictures on another device.

Go Green photography doesn’t cost you anything. Our children’s photography service is free for now; it’s the best time to complete this task.

No More Waiting for the Prints & Albums

Go Green photography’s system is fast and secure. You don’t have to wait for weeks to get those beautiful pictures. We upload your kid’s pictures to our secure app the same day so that you can check them up close and decide what to do next.

No more hefty bills for printing the photographs and binding the albums. Make everything digital with Go Green and protect the planet from further deterioration.

Final Thoughts

Go Green photography company should be your go-to name if you’re an environmentally conscious citizen. Our digital services, fast working, and accommodating team will make your kid’s picture day memorable. So, what are you waiting for? Benefit from our free photography service right away and freeze those precious smiles 😊