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Yearbooks, and specifically school’s first day photographs come with the bitter-sweet nostalgic feelings. They take you to your innocent childhood where nothing else mattered but your shared laughs and field trips with friends. Of course, you owe your kid perfect, laughing frames of memories – their school photos.

However, getting desired school photographs for your kids’ yearbooks and first-school-day-of-school becomes a challenge when your favorite photographers are already booked.

Here you need a promising school photography company where you would find pro-level photographers, 24/7 at your service. Go Green Photography is your one-stop solution to photography school in Essex.

Leave all your photography needs up to us! If you are skeptical about what our services are and why we claim to stand out from local school photography in Essex, walk through this blog. We have put together everything you need to know!

What Makes Up a Professional School Photograph?

Once you know the primary factors that make up a professional school photograph, you would easily decide from where to choose pro-level services of school photography in Essex.

Here is a quick run-down:

Pre-plan the look:

Before your kid act up during photography, make sure you already have the outfit and the pose pre-planned. Dress up your kid confidently and accessorize him accordingly.

Naturally smiling face:

Encourage your kid to have a fresh, smiling look throughout the photography session. Years later, your kid will cherish those happy photos.

Generic and simple appearance:

Overdoing will only make things messy for you. Just keep the overall attire of your kid neat and generic and leave the rest on Go Green Photography’s professional photographers. We won’t mind any retakes.

What Sets Go Green Photography Apart from Local School Photography in Essex?

Go Green photography is becoming a hub of school photography in Essex. There are several reasons why people choose us over others. Here they are:

Eco-friendly photographs:

If you care about environmental conservation enough, Go Green Photography should be your go-to option in Essex. With our compatible digital photography services, we omit the anti-eco use of ink, paper, or chemicals.

Friendly accommodating photography services:

Get your kid the coolest digital photograph until your satisfaction. We don’t mind retakes. We are more than eager to accommodate you with extra clicks in which your kid is wearing different themed outfits. Meaning, you can get as many photographs as you want in a single day.

The instantly available multiple themed backdrops allow you to get your kid’s pictures for other occasions as well. After all, there is more to school photography, right?

Get final photographs in a day:

Go Green Photography’s fast and secure system wouldn’t let you wait for days. We make your kid’s beautifully, smiling photographs available in within a single day by uploading them on our secure app.

Pocket-friendly packages:

Gone are the days where you had to pay hefty bills to your photography company for prints. We offer free prints with our hearts wide open!

Final Thoughts – Go Green Photography YES or NO:

Go Green Photography delivers more than the rest when it comes to school photography in Essex. Our fast growing digital services make all those sweet photographs readily available with as many prints as you want.

Taking your step as an eco-friendly citizen? Get in touch with our Go Green Photography team to make your kid’s day!