School Photography Tradition: Have the Times Changed?

The tradition of school photography in Essex has revolutionised in the last two decades. Mobile phones have made it possible for families to store umpteen of photos on their devices – that can be retrieved at any moment.

Of course, this has also changed the way some people perceive school photography day. You could think why to spend so much money on just a photo that you could click at any time. Right? We absolutely agree with you; you have to pay hefty bills to your photography company for prints – and they are not eco-friendly either.

but it’s a tradition. School photography in Essex has been a tradition for as long as there have been cameras. Of course, these portraits encapsulate the bygone era and bring you a reminder of the good old days.

Besides, although digital photos are great, they are not the same as a proper, professional portrait. You can save your photos on a hard drive but is it comparable to your professional school photography? No.

Now, we know there is a huge bias when it comes to digital vs. physical photography. But what if you could get the best of both worlds, and that too on a budget?

The Perfect Option to Enjoy School Photography in Essex

Say Hello to Go Green Photography. Here’s why you should sign up with us:

We are Eco-Friendly:

As the name indicates, environmental conservation is the primary objective here. Therefore, Go Green brings digital photography packages. No more paper, chemicals, dyes, and inks needed – you can get amazing school photographs clicked digitally.

We Follow Traditions Too:

You can have your favourite photos printed too! Go Green photography’s system is fast and secure. You don’t have to wait for weeks to get those beautiful pictures. We upload your kid’s pictures to our secure app the same day so that you can check them up close and decide what to do next. Are you looking for school photography in Essex and that too with a touch of tradition? Then now you know where to go!

We Empathise:

Offering free services doesn’t mean we won’t accommodate your wishes. You can bring multiple outfits along and add variety to your kid’s photo album. And since we have different themed backdrops, you can get done with a colourful photo album right away.

We Make HQ Photos at Low Budget:

After we click your kid’s pictures and you approve them, we’ll upload them to the Go Green app the same day. You can install the Go Green app on your smart device, sign up, and access your photographs right away. These pictures will be unwatermarked, high-quality, and shareable. You can now decide to print or save these pictures on another device. Go Green photography doesn’t cost you anything. Our children’s photography service is free for now; it’s the best time to cash in on this opportunity!

Final Words

School photography in Essex is quite a competitive market. But Go Green stands apart due to the unique combination it provides. If your child is nearing their school photography day, and you are a resident of Essex, Go Green is here to have your day captured perfectly and efficiently.