About us

Go Green Photography was set up after finding out that over 8 Million paper and plastic packets are sent out from other companies to thousands of schools across the country with watermarked copyrighted images inside, every single year, for parents to decide if they want to keep the photos taken of their own children. On top of this if parents or grandparents want to have these images for themselves, even if they are not entirely happy with the finished picture, they are forced to pay whatever rate the photography company chooses, which is usually many multiples what it would cost to get them printed themselves at a supermarket or online. The parent usually has to buy a whole array of different pictures and bookmarks to feel like they are getting value for money, the processing time can take weeks, and the customer is also charged postage costs if they don’t buy within a certain time frame.

Astounded at the amount of environmental damage this must be causing, from all of these packets and extra pictures being sent out every year, we couldn’t see why there was not a greener or more efficient way of doing things, with a fair price tag attached. This is when Go Green Photography was born. We believe we have found the answer. We aim to provide parents like ourselves, a fast (instant), affordable, eco-friendly alternative to the traditional school photo, which they own all of the rights to. In our frequently asked questions section, you can see the advantages of using our service. Please Like, share, and promote us on social media to your friends and family to help us in our mission.