It doesn’t, and this is why we are taking a stand and starting a revolution. Other photography companies are usually well over the price you could find online for their prints and frames, this is because you have no option apart from using them. With Go Green you are free to use whoever you want if you decide to print your pictures cheaply.

We don’t think it is, which is why our system is set up digitally and sent straight to your app in real time.

Usually you would not be able to have their pictures taken together. But with us you still can.

You do not have to buy the picture from the school. With our special day pass you can have pictures in pe kit, sports kit, and both winter and summer uniform, which cannot be carried out at present in a school.

At present a school photography company charges for individual pictures and also for pictures of the children together. For example, Child A £30 Child B £30 and then they charge for Child AB £30 on top, and charging you three times. At Go Green, we charge for each child only, and any pictures of them together are free. Upto 4 siblings.

Then bring them to us and we can take their pictures. (Obviously not while they are still ill)

We run multiple days in all areas throughout the year so bring them to us and we can take their pictures for you. With our day pass you can return multiple times, therefore allowing you to have pictures in both uniforms on the same day if you would like to.

Yes with our day pass you can return as many times as you would like to as long as it is school clothing they are photographed in. For example only Summer or winter uniform, School Pe Kit, School sports kits.