Our Services

To Access our services its very simple. All you need to do is follow the BOOK NOW link provided and it will take you through the step by step instructions listed below.

Alternatively you can download our GoGreen Photogrpahy app and book your preferred day.

Then select the number of children and if you want a one picture service or a day pass which allows you to return unlimited times that day for one child. We do not charge for pictures of multiple children together if they have all paid for individual or day passes.

Once confirmed and paid for, turn up on the day you have selected, ready and immaculate. You can be in school uniform (Winter or Summer), PE kit, Sports uniform, Cubs, Brownies Iron man or even Elsa. The choice is yours!

You then see our photographer and have multiple pictures taken – we allow at least 5 different shots per child.

They are then uploaded to your app in real time

Then you can enjoy your pictures with your friends and family

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